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Icelandic Glacial is natural spring water from Olfus Spring, Iceland. This bottled water costs $1.29.

Icelandic Glacial Water Test
Icelandic Glacial Water Test

According to the information on the bottle, Icelandic Glacial is over 5,000 years ago, long before the first humans reached remote Iceland, a massive volcanic eruption created a unique underground spring, complete with its own natural filtration system, pristine lava rock. Now known as the Olfus Spring, this is the origin of Icelandic Glacial, the natural spring water which is the source of an epic life.

Icelandic Glacial Bottled Water Test – TDS and pH

In our test of Icelandic Glacial spring water, we found out that the TDS level in the water was 55ppm. That means Icelandic Glacial water is carbon filtered, mountain spring or aquifers water.  

The pH level in the water was approximately 8.5. According to the pH results chart, Icelandic Glacial is alkaline water.

Icelandic Glacial Water Test Results
Icelandic Glacial Water Test Results
Icelandic Glacial Water

Bottled at the source: Olfus Spring, Iceland

For a report on water quality and information, please call +1-424-201-6800

Barcode: 893919001103

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