Just Water is a 100% spring water with nothing added. It is sourced from Glens Falls watershed in New York.

The Glens Falls is a small area. Annually the watershed collects  three billion gallons of water from snow and rain. The city only uses half of the water, JUST WATER bottles a fraction that remains.

Just Water Test
Just Water Test

This bottle is made almost entirely from plants. For this bottle, they use 54% paper, 28% plant-based plastic, 15% PE Plastic, 3 % Foil. 82% is renewable content, which means up to 74% fewer carbon emissions.

Just Water costs $1.29 and contains naturally occurring minerals and pH content. According to the bottle Typical Water Analysis (mg/liter+/-20%).

  • pH 8
  • TDS 79

Just Water Test Results

JUST WATER tests – pH and TDS

In our test of Just Water Bottle, we found out that the TDS in the water was 67 and the pH level was around 7.5.

Just Water Test Results

JUST Water

Spring Source: Glens Falls Watershed

Produced by: JUST Goods, Inc. Glens Falls, NY 12801 USA

For the water quality and information please call 1-855-282-JUST 


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