We would like to share and give a short description of how our family ended up creating a Youtube channel and later TestAqua.com website.

Our goal was to help our society, people who have the same concerns in regards to drinking tap and/or bottled water.

We all know that people, who don’t have tap water filtration in their home, buy and drink bottled waters. In many cases, people prefer to buy cheaper waters, because we consume it so often and so fast.

Our family moved to the United States in 2011. Back then our kids were very little, our daughter was 3 and our son was 2.

We grew up in a country where we did not have any issue drinking tap water or water from a fountain. We never paid for the water and never thought that the water can be unsafe to drink. Before moving to the USA we knew that the water here is “not safe” and can be contaminated.

Initially, we lived in Massachusetts. As we were new in the country, we did not know what to do about water. Drink or not to drink, that was the question. Finally, we decided to drink bottled water, rather than tap. The cheapest bottled water that we started to buy from stores was Nestle PureLife purified water. We used it for at least a few years.

When we moved from Massachusetts to California we started to drink Kirkland purified water. One day we realized, that the water we drink over and over that past several years, can not be good, even can be harmful to our bodies. Finally, we decided to install a filtration system in our home and used reverse osmosis with alkaline filters. That’s when we also decided to test how well our filtration performed, it reduced the TDS level of our water from 410ppm down to 52ppm within 24 hours, and the pH went up from 8 to 10. Here is the first video we shot:

When we travel, we drink bottled waters all the time, now we focus on spring water that also has high pH (over 8) and low mineral contents (TDS contents 50-150ppm).

Home tap water test before and after reverse osmosis filtration

We then purchased over 68 bottles of water (all different brands) and started testing them. Over time we found more and more waters and continued featuring one bottle a day. Our tests help us decide which waters to buy from stores and drink, especially when traveling. Our kids manage the Youtube channel, they are very excited to do good for our society.

We have tested more than 200 bottled waters so far, some are local waters and others are imported, some are cheap and the others are expensive. We tested bottled waters which cost from $0.10 and others that cost $4 or $5. Price is not a quality factor.

We have tested bottled waters from the USA, Canada, France, Norway, Italy, Armenia, Russia, Romania, and several other countries. We would like to test as many bottled waters as we can, but it is not possible to travel around the world and buy all the bottled water. For that reason, we started sending emails and asking water manufacturers and distributors to send us one bottled water for our channel. So far not many of them agreed.

We do not make a recommendation about whether to drink or not to drink any kind of bottled water. Our goal is to introduce you the different brands of bottled waters, their TDS and pH test results and in some cases their cost.

We all know, that water is very essential for our health and our well beings. Sometimes we pay a lot of attention to what we eat, we are in this trend of paying more to buy organic, fresh and healthy meals, but are we forgetting about water? Just ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Are you drinking enough water?
  • Are you drinking the right water for you?
  • Is it healthy for you or harmful?

Make your decision, chose the best water for you and your family.