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Liquid Death is 100% mountain spring drinking water sourced from the Austrian Alps. 

We tested two bottles of Liquid Death water:

  • Liquid Death Water 500ml
  • Liquid Death Sparkling Water 500ml

Liquid Death water comes with an aluminum can, which contains 70% recycled material. You can find these Austrian water bottles at Whole Foods market. Each costs $1.69

Liquid Death Water

Liquid Death Water Test
Liquid Death Water Test

According to the Death Liquide company website, Liquid Death water comes from a deep underground mountain source, which is protected by a few hundred feet of stone. After a purification process, the water maintains its 100% original mineral contents. The Liquid Death water is bottled at the source, directly into air-tight aluminum cans. The company ensures that these natural minerals (aka electrolytes) will murder your thirst and will be a good source for your body. Liquid Death bottled water pH balance is supposed to be pH 7.8+

Liquid Death Water Test Results

Liquid Death Water Tests – TDS and pH

In our test, the TDS of Liquid Death bottled water was 211 ppm. The content was much higher than the regular bottle. According to the US EPA’s TDS chart, 170ppm water is considered to be hard water, with high mineral content. 

Liquid Death Water Test Results
Liquid Death Water Test Results

The pH balance in Liquid Death mountain spring water was 8. pH value table tells us it is alkaline water.

Barcode: 860000023900

Liquid Death Sparkling Water 

Liquid Death Sparkling Water Test
Liquid Death Sparkling Water Test


  • Mountain water, CO2

Liquid Death Sparkling Water Test Results

Liquid Death Sparkling Water Tests – TDS and pH

The TDS content of Liquid Death sparkling mountain water was 100ppm. The TDS 50 – 170 ppm is carbon filtered, mountain spring or aquifers water.

Liquid Death Sparkling Water Test Results
Liquid Death Sparkling Water Test Results

The pH was about 5. That means Liquid Death sparkling is acidic water.  

It is bottled at the source Frankenmarkter, Austria. 

For water quality and information, please call: 888 980 4760

Barcode: 860000023924

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  1. by jwales19 January 31, 2023 6:30 pm

    Hello, this is very cool, thanks for doing it and it’s great the kids are engaged. I just wanted to point out that TDS can’t tell you hardness. If all the minerals in the water are magnesium and calcium then you’d be right, but if they are different minerals the water might not be hard at all. It would probably be less misleading to not mention hardness or get a hardness test kit to go with your pH test kit.

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