Fiji is natural artesian water. It is sourced from the Island of Fiji.

Fiji Water Test
Fiji Water Test

We have tested Fiji 500 mL water bottle. The bottle is made from BPA free plastic and it costs $1.49.

The Fiji bottled water states:

  • Silica – 93mg/L
  • Calcium – 18mg/L
  • Magnesium – 15mg/L
  • pH 7.7
  • Bicarbonate – 152mg/L
  • Total Dissolved Solids 222mg/L

Fiji Water Test Results

Fiji Water tests – pH and TDS

Fiji water contains natural electrolytes and minerals, which give the water smooth and soft taste. pH in the water supposed to be 7.7.

When we have tested Fiji bottled water, we found out, that the TDS of water was 145, and the pH level was 7.5.

Fiji Water Test Results
Fiji Water Test Results

Barcode: 632565000012

For water quality and information: 1.877.426.3454

Bottled at source: Yaqara, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands

Bottle by: Natural Waters of Viti Limited 1 Naseyani Road, Yaqara Fiji.

Product of Fiji.

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