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Hildon is delightfully still natural mineral water of exceptional taste. It has low mineral content, tastes soft and light.

Hildon mineral water is sourced from Hilton Mineral Aquifer Source, England. The bottle is made from glass and it costs $1.99.

Hildon Water Test
Hildon Water Test

During our test of Hildon mineral water, we found out, that the TDS content in the water was 258 ppm.

Hildon Water Tests – TDS and pH

According to the US EPA’s TDS chart, the TDS content 200-400 ppm, means the water has high mineral content, from a tap or mineral spring.

During the pH test, the result of Hildon mineral water was about 7.5. The watercolor turned to a dark green color,  which means Hildon is neutral water.

Hildon Water Test Results
Hildon Water Test Results

For more information and to obtain additional consumer information relating to water quality, including a bottled water report, please contact: Hildon Ltd 1-800-287-2167


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