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EON-H is structured purified water, which comes from local municipal sources and then is processed by reverse osmosis.

EON - H Water Test
EON – H Water Test

According to the bottle information, EON – H water is superior hydration and whole body rejuvenation. The water has a light and clean taste of EON and experiences better cellular hydration. EON’s proprietary technology restructures the water into biomolecular clusters providing superior cellular absorption and oxygenation. 

This bottle is made from up to 100% recycled plastic. EON-H Water costs $1.49


Serving Size 16.9 fl oz (500ml): Serving per container 1

Amount Per Serving

  • Calories 0
  • Total Fat 0g – 0%
  • Sodium – 0mg – 0%
  • Total Carb 0g – 0%
  • Protein 0g – 0%

Not a significant source of calories from other nutrients.

* Percent daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


  • R/O2 water
  • Oxygen

EON – H Bottled water Free Off

  • Sodium
  • Chlorine
  • MTBE
  • Chromium 6
  • Arsenic

EON-H Water Test Results

EON – H Water Tests – TDS and pH

When we tested EON – H purified water, we found out, that the TDS content was 15 ppm, and the pH was approximately 6.5.

According to US EPA’s TDS chart, the TDS content 0-30ppm means, that the water is micro-filtered and distilled and it has low minerals. 

EON - H Water Test Results
EON – H Water Test Results

The pH Value Table tells us, that the EON – H water is neutral water. As you can see in the picture, the watercolor turned to light green color during our test. 

For water quality information, please call 760-390-9461


Barcode: 893127000011

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