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Market Pantry is purified dining water, which is processed by advanced filtration and reverse osmosis technologies.

You can buy Market Pantry bottled waters from the Target stores. The pack of 24 costs $ 2.79. You cannot buy this bottled water individually.

Market Pantry Water Test
Market Pantry Water Test


  • Purified water

During our test of Market Pantry purified water, the TDS level in the water was 3ppm. According to the US EPA’s TDS chart, Market Pantry is micro-filtered and distilled water. If the TDS content in the water is below 30ppm, it means the water does not have enough amount of minerals, that your body needs.

Market Pantry Water Test Results

Market Pantry Water Tests – TDS and pH

According to the pH value table, each color indicates a particular pH value. During our pH test of Market Pantry water, the value of the water was 5, the watercolor changed to red. That means Market Pantry purified bottled water is acidic.

Market Pantry Water Test Results
Market Pantry Water Test Results

Distributed by Target Corporation, Minneapolis, MN 55403

For a report on water quality and information, please call 800-316-6151

Barcode: 08523983

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