Penta comes in a plastic water bottle and it costs $1.50. It is ultra-purified water, with natural pH and oxygen infused. The filtering makes the water ultra-pure.

Penta Water Test
Penta Water Test

The bottle states, that Penta water sourced from a natural aquifer and taken through a patented 13 step purification process, which takes 11 hours. You can taste and feel the difference. 

  • Additive free
  • Chromium 6 free
  • Arsenic free 
  • Pharmaceutical free 
  • Fluoride free
  • MTBE free
  • Chlorine free
  • Sodium bicarbonate free

When we tested Penta purified water we found out that the TDS level in the water was 1 and the pH was about 4.5. Here is the video of our test:

Penta Water Test Results

Penta Water test – pH and TDS

Penta water is made in the USA, and the bottles are BPA and BPS free.

For water quality information please contact: 1-800-531-5088 or

Penta Water Test Results
Penta Water Test Results

BARCODE: 679461100033

Source: San Bernardino Natural Aquifer.

Bottled: United Beverage, Colton, CA USA 92324

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