Starkey is spring water, which comes from 2 miles deep Geothermal single source, made by mother nature.

Starkey Water Test
Starkey Water Test

Starkey is a glass bottled water and it costs $1.50.

Naturally Occurring in Parts Per Million 

  • Sodium 95
  • Silica 58.9
  • Bicarbonate 60
  • Sulfate 150
  • Total Dissolved Solids 360

Typical analysis in ppm: +/- 20%

pH range: 9.0-9.8

Starkey Water Test Results

Starkey Water Tests TDS and pH

The bottle states that Starkey springs rise through fractures and fissures in the Imnaha Basalt where its purity has been protected for 11,000 years. The springs in the Idaho mountains are rich with beneficial minerals, a gently alkaline pH, and a silky smooth taste. 

We tested Starkey spring water (500 mL), and the TDS water test was 250 and the pH level was around 9-10.

Starkey Water Test Results
Starkey Water Test Results

BARCODE: 811904020007

For a report on bottles of water quality and information, call: 855.910.4844

Bottled in Idaho, USA

SOURCE: Starkey Hot Springs, Fruitvale, ID

DISTRIBUTED BY: Starkey Water 101 Council Avenue, Council, ID 83612

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